Sunday, April 21, 2013

Long week / short weekend

I am writing this on Sunday night. I know it's cliche, but why does time on the weekend go much faster than time during the week?

I will take a few moments to be grateful for some things. This is not a list of everything I'm grateful for... So don't feel left out if I don't mention you :-)

First, I am grateful for my family. They put up with a lot - it's not always glamorous in radio. Odd-hour phone calls, working late, working early, etc. Technology makes it easier than it was even a couple of years ago, but I'm never really "off" from work.

Next, I am grateful for Wrangler The Dog. He and I have walked a few thousand miles together over the last couple of years. Between Wrangler and giving up soda (mostly), I feel healthier than I have in forever.

I am grateful for the clients who make what I do for a living possible. That statement may surprise some people I work with... But my standard of living would not be possible without their support of my radio station.

I am grateful that Tucson is a good place to raise a child. There are a lot of thing I would miss about this town if we ever left. Besides Eegees and the Saguaro cactus, I would miss our friends, the good schools in Marana, the weird news that seems to be attracted to this place, the amazing sunsets and the clear, star-filled skies almost every night.

A few reflections for the end of the weekend. See you on the radio

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