Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Show Notes 06-05-07

Max & Shannon are back from Hawaii tomorrow! We took one last opportunity to play Jeff Foxworthy's Howdy From Maui!

Today we talked to Billy Scroggs, the headliner at En Fuego, which is a fundraiser for the American Red Cross this weekend at AVA Amphitheater. We also gave away tickets by playing "HOT or NOT." KiiM-FM's Lois Lewis will emcee the event this Saturday. For more info, check out http://www.kiimfm.com/concerts! He's in a competition called FAMECAST, get more on that here!

For folks who missed it, we re-ran the interview we did last week with Tracy Lawrence. It's also available to listen to here.

Chop was on the streets with tickets to the KiiM-FM Freedom Festival.

We played the Keith Urban Quickie another three times today. Robin knew all the songs:
  • But For The Grace Of God
  • Somebody Like You
  • Stupid Boy
  • It's A Love Thing
  • Who Wouldn't Want To Be Me
  • Making Memories Of Us
  • Better Life
    and she won the 2nd row tickets and the trip backstage!
    Chop finally ran over his sixty second time limit for his country music minute, so he got a jolt from the KiiM-FM truck battery. Don't try this at home. No DJs were harmed in today's show.

    Finally, here's a video of a furby in a microwave:

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