Monday, June 04, 2007

Show Notes 06-04-07

We played Hot Or Not to give away tickets to En Fuego, a benefit for the Southern Arizona Red Cross. For example, FIRE = HOT. DQ BLIZZARD = NOT. Congratulations to Micha who got 'em all and won tickets. You can buy tickets at Ticketmaster, 321-1000, and it's for a good cause!

Chop got an email from Wilma and Wilbur, the mascots at the UofA. They love listening to KiiM-FM!

Josh won $100 with the 7:10 payoff question. Rayna and Tina each won $100 with the Song Of The Day.

We played the Keith Urban Kwickie three times to try to give away 2nd row seats for Keith's show this Friday. Two of our contestants got three of the seven right, so it pays to pay attention. We'll keep playing until someone gets all seven songs.

At 6:40, we played Kingergarten Theater to give away tickets to the summer movie series at the Fox Theatre. The movie clip was read by two kids and the answer was Star Wars! Congrats to Skyler, who knew the answer! This weekend's movie is GREASE, and you can get the whole Summer Classic Movie Schedule here!

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