Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Show Notes 05-30-07

We sent Chop out in a Speed-o with a surfboard to promote the new movie Surf's Up. Here's the video:

See some of Shannon's Hawaii pictures here.

This is bugging me. This picture is of a bottle of shampoo (12oz bottle of Herbal Essence DRAMA QUEEN berry tea and orange flavor) in our shower:

The question is, "On Average, Who Do You Talk To More Than Anyone Else?” I don't have the matching bottle of conditioner, so I don't know what the answer is. But the answer to the question on the conditioner's bottle is, "pants."

Thanks to everyone who gave us the ANSWER (from the conditioner bottle): YOURSELF. And the question on the conditioner bottle, for which the answer (on the shampoo bottle) is PANTS, is, What was considered a dirty word in England in the 1800's?.

Contest: KGUN9: Laptops Up Or Laptops Down? Congratulations to Pat who correctly guessed that the news anchors on KGUN-9 would return from their commerical break with their laptops open. Or closed. I forget which, but Pat was a winner.

7:10 payoff winner: Lloyd. Congratulations!

Song Of The Day Winner: Lisa.

At 8:35 Jason Aldean called in. The correct pronounciation of this name is AL-dean, not ALL-dean. Pork Chop was right. We learned that he and his wife are expecting their second girl! His new CD is called Relentless and is in stores now. Buy it because he needs to start a college fund!

I'll be at Breakers today at 11. Print the coupon off the KiiM-FM website or check your email (if you're in the Loyal Listener Club) to save money on admission.

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