Saturday, September 24, 2005

Goodnight Everybody!

Darryl Worley with the Arizona National Guard


Anonymous said...

I was out in the crowd at the concert the night that the Army National Guard soldiers went up on stage and so I know how it affected the crowd and how the crowd reacted to the power and emotion the song and the soldiers combined created. I however am a private in the Army National Guard and I personally know those soldiers who went up on the stage that night and I know that all of them were greatly moved and deeply inspired by the crowds enthusiastic reaction to having them up on stage. It was a moment of utter pride to be an American. It gave then hope and strength to have such encouraging support from their fellow Americans. It is support like that that keeps many of us going when we feel like we have nothing left. I thank KIIM FM so much for giving these soldiers the chance to go on stage and to be so deeply inspired and rejuvenated by their fellow Americans, and I thank every single one of you who supports us every day in what we do and what we believe. With out you guys we would never be able to do what we have to do. Thank you,

Pvt. Meghan Murray

Anonymous said...

Pvt. Murray thank you for letting us know how much encouragement we gave to the soldiers at the concert that night. It was a very emotional time that night to not only hears that song but also to see those that the song was written for. When I saw the soldiers start coming on stage I started to cry because so many of them have lost their lives to defend our country and I feel that they often do not get the support the they need and deserve. So thank you again for letting us know that we too have helped our country by supporting our soldiers.