Friday, September 09, 2005

Games We Play

I'm always looking for new contest ideas. Suggest a Contest Idea By Clicking Here!

Here are some recent games we've played to give away stuff!
Carrie Quickie (for Carrie Underwood tickets)
For WWE Smackdown Tickets: Guess What I'm Smacking And Win!
Guess What's In The Pinata and Win!

Name that NASCAR driver!

The HEART TRANSPLANT game - we've surgically removed the word "HEART" from a country song, you have to tell us what song it's from.

The LOST LOVE game - we'll play the word "LOVE" from a song, you have to tell us what song it's from.

The Willie Nelson Read-End Game

For Halloween: Who's Poppin' Out Of The Coffin?

For Christmas: Who's Stuck in the Chimney?

Song-O-Matic 9000.. where a robot reads song lyrics over techno-music, and you have to identify the song and the artist who sings it:

Spot The April Fool!

The Keith Urban Rear End Game!

The Hey Buzz, Gimme Something Free Song Of The Afternoon!

Wheel Of "What Caller Should We Take?"

Who's In Pork Chop's iPhone?

Alan Jackson: Little Man (tell us if the celebrities we mention are taller or littler than Alan Jackson)

Country Connection - we give you three songs and you tell us what they have in common!


Taller Or Shorter?

What The HECK Is That? (which is just like Guess What's In The Box And Win, but without the box)


Who The Heck Is That? (guess the mystery artist and win)

The Answer Is Always "Willie Nelson"

What Would Tim McGraw Say?

Strait Talk

Traffic Trivia!

The Blake Shelton Rear End Game

World's Easiest Spelling Bee

Guess What The Psycho Chainsaw Massacre Guy Is Using Instead Of His Chainsaw And Win!

The "Man" Game!

Guess What I'm FLATT-ening and win Rascal Flatts tickets!

The Musical Rear-End Game!

Know Your Brad Paisley Ringtones!

Kindergarten Theater


Guess What Song is On Pork Chop's iPod And Win?

KGUN9: Laptops UP or Laptops DOWN?

Who's Older?

Scrambled Song Title!

Wheel! Of! Sanjaya!

Know your Gretchen Wilson ringtones!

Guess The Song On Kricket's iPod And Win!


Name That Peter! (also known as Mystery Peter or Pick Your Peter or Famous Peters)

The Looking For Love Game... where we take the word "LOVE" out of a song and play it by itself, and you have to guess the song!

Name Another Famous Toby And Win!

Sing The Next Line And Win!

Name That George!

Guess What Halloween Candy's In My Mouth And Win!

Guess What's In The Plastic Pumpkin And Win!

Guess What's In My Mouth And Win!

Know Your Talking Toys!

What Would The Brawny Man say?

Secret Celebrity!

Know Your Toby Keith Ringtones!

The KiiM-FM Ticket Toddler!

Wheel! Of! Contests! (where we put a bunch of contests on the wheel and Kricket spins to see how we'll give away the prize)

Faith Or Faith (identify these verses as either from a Faith Hill song, or from The Bible)

Guess What Elizabeth Is Singing And Win!

Guess What Buzz Is Singing And Win!

Guess What Lois Lewis Is Singing And Win!

Guess What Shannon Black Is Singing And Win!

Sing Happy Birthday To Kricket And Win!

Know Your Martina McBride ringtones

Gringo Theater (same as 'Mystery Movie,' but en espanol).

Guess What's In The Box And Win! Things that have been "in the box" include: ice cubes, a magic 8 ball, pens borrowed from the MGM Grand, paper clips...(unfortunately, Guess What's In The Box And Win attracted the attention of the Museum Of Broadcasting, so we sent it there to inspire future generations of broadcasters.)

Fair Food Or Not (sample items that were NOT Fair Food: Caviar On A Stick, Pork Chopsticks, Manicotti-Pop)

(for Casino Arizona 150 race tickets at PIR:) Be the 150th caller and win! (let's hope I come up with a better idea before I give away Subway Fresh 500 tickets!!!)

Guess the number Kricket's thinking of and win!

What do (artist) and Buzz have in common? ANSWER: They're both nominated for ACM Awards!

Pick-Your-Prize (also known as Prize-A-Pa-Looza or Win-A-Palooza!)

Belch Rodeo (if you can burp for eight seconds, you win!)

World's Worst Name That Tune!

Spam Or Shakespeare!

Dr. Phil Or Spam!

We make Denise work Bon Jovi song titles into her traffic reports to win Bon Jovi concert tickets!

Desperate Housewives Or Police Blotter!

Guess The Breaking News And Win! (answer: "BREAKING NEWS: BRITNEY IS PREGNANT")

Know Your Country Music Festival

Whitman Or Whitman (in honor of Slim Whitman's birthday, callers had to guess if a particular clue was a Slim Whitman song, or a candy from a Whitman's Sampler)

Answer Wrong And Win!

Guess The Reba Ringtone And Win!

Who Wants To Be Mayor Of Marana? (since the current mayor resigned)

To win Tim McGraw's new CD, "Sing Like You Were Dying!"

Guess Which Celebrity's Son Buzz's Daughter Elizabeth Played With In The Pool At A Hotel In Phoenix and win! (answer: Mike Tyson's son)


Find The Chinese Food And Win!

Guess The Ringtone And Win!

For St. Patrick's Day: Be The 9th Caller Wearing GREEN And Win!

Guess The Secret Coded Message in The Celebrity Slot Machine Passwords And Win!

Guess What I'm Smashing And Win!

Guess What My Daughter Is Saying And Win!

Guess What Pork Chop Is Saying Backwards And Win!

Guess How Many Times April Did The 1-800-DRIVERS Commercial And Win!

Guess What The Weirdest Thing In The News Is Today And Win!

Guess Who The Governor Of California Is And Win!

Guess How Much I Spent On Postage Today And Win!

Guess The Next Commercial And Win!

Guess What Happens Next And Win!

Guess How Barry Manilow Broke His Nose And Win!
(Answer: He walked into a wall in his house, but it Looks Like He'll Make It"... get it??

The Kazoo Christmas Classic!

Name That Mama

Guess Nixon's Cholesterol And Win! (it was 300)

Guess The Next Song And Win!

Guess How Much Money Is In My Pocket And Win!

Guess What Celebrity Is Pregnant And Win!

Guess Which Kitchen Appliance You're Hearing And Win!

Guess What Phil Vassar Was Wearing And Win!

Guess What Country Star Called My Voicemail And Win!

Guess How Many Diapers I've Changed (in the last 24 hours) And Win!

Guess What Country Star Did A Table-Dance For Charity And Win!

Guess Who's Marrying Joe Millionaire And Win!

Guess What Number Caller You Are And Win!

Guess What I Had For Lunch And Win!

Mel Tillis: Dead Or Alive?

Guess What April Had For Lunch And Win!

Guess My Blood Type And Win!

Guess A Number Between One And Ten And Win!

Reverse Guess A Number Between One And Ten And Win! (I try to guess a number from the 9th caller, if I get it right, they win!)

Guess A Number between Ten and Twenty and Win!

Guess The Number I'm Dialing On The Touchtone Phone And Win

Guess The Number I'm Dialing On The Rotary Phone And Win

Guess What NASCAR Driver Has The Number I'm Pressing On The Touchtone Phone And Win!

Guess The LAST Song And Win!

Guess The Next Artist And Win!

Be The 9th Caller And Win!

Guess What The Prize Is And Win!

Guess What I'm Having For Dinner And Win!

Guess What Color I'm Thinking Of And Win!

Guess Who's Filling In For Max Tomorrow And Win!

Here's one I wish I thought of:
Big Nate's Low Budget Radio Battleship!

We've also given away our prizes alphabetically.
Keep listening to KiiM-FM to find out what we'll be giving away next!

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