Wednesday, September 03, 2014

This has been a great day so far

THIS has been a great day so far. I was leaning back in the chair at the dentist office with someone's fingers in my mouth when my phone starting buzzing and vibrating with the news that I'd been nominated for a CMA Award. This is the third time - maybe what they say about "third time's the charm" is true. Of course I want to thank my family, Dena and Elizabeth for the support, as well as Kricket for her awesome contributions every afternoon on the show. Oh, and no cavities (you were probably wondering), but somehow I broke a tooth and didn't notice it, so I have to go back and get that fixed.
On top of that I learned that we had a $1,950 winner in the 7:10 Payoff Question this morning, so Kricket and I will be kicking in our own money to round the jackpot up to an even $2,000. Worth every penny.
I hope YOU have a day that's at least as great as the one I'm having today.

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