Wednesday, May 01, 2013

On Air Tributes To Nixon Low

Our friend and co-worker Nixon Low passed away this morning after a short but terrible battle with cancer.

Here are a few things we had to say about him on the radio today:

The KiiM-FM Morning Show of Max, Shannon and Porkchop were first: Tim Tyler of our sister station K-Hit 107-5: Kricket and I at 3:50pm: And then Kricket and I at 5:50pm:


Unknown said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting these.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these. I was out of town that morning when I got the text about my dear friend. I missed the radio tributes. Crying with you all and missing him.

Unknown said...

Many years ago we lived in North Park San Diego CA. My son Lincoln had a babysitter who lived next door. You guessed it, his name was Nixon Low. He mother's name was Virginia. My younger brother Bryan and Nixon became very close friends. My Bro sent me Nixon's obituary today. A few years after the fact. But none the less very heart felt saddness

Unknown said...

Many years ago we lived in North Park, San Diego California. My son Lincoln, had a babysitter by the name of Nixon Low. Oh yes Nixon had great jokes about their names. My younger brother Bryan and Nixon become good friends. We move to Santee Ca and lose contact with Nixon. So I am listening to KCBQ radio station located in Santee and who do you think the DJ is? Nixon Low. He came over it. It was the last time we saw Nixon. My brother sent me the obituary today for Nixon. It is a few years old. But our sorrow is now. Nixon had a wonderful personality and he was so funny.