Friday, March 22, 2013

I Have A Confession To Make: I Like "1994."

This is the video for Jason Aldean's song 1994. I was not a fan of Dirt Road Anthem, Jason's other rapping country song. And at first, I wasn't a fan of this song either. But the more I've listened, the more I "get it."

By saying I like this song, I will probably earn the scorn of people who like more traditional, less poppy-country (I'm one of them). But here's the deal: this song won't change the world. It's not meant to. It's a goofy, lighthearted novelty tribute to the guy who brought us all the goofy lighthearted songs of the 90s: Joe! Joe! Joe Diffie!

Now, go listen to some of Joe Diffie's BEST songs. Like this one:

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