Thursday, May 31, 2007

Show Notes 05-31-07

Paris Hilton's supposed to report to jail early next week. Here are pictures that purport to show the cell she'll be in. Meanwhile, this lady wants to do the time on Paris' behalf.

We talked about this kid and played Ray Stevens' The Streak.

We gave away $1000 to Jan and Amy with the Song Of The Day! Our 7:10 Payoff Question winner was Jim.

Shannon's Hawaii pictures are posted here. Because we have great scenery here, we're also posting great Tucson pictures here. If you have a great Tucson picture, add it by sending it to me at!

We talked to Tracy Lawrence. The interview was going great until Tracy brought up Scooby-Doo.

Pork Chop says his sources say that Garth Brooks will have a big announcement soon. My money says that he and Trisha are having a baby. Chop thinks it's a new album. We'll see...

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