Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Show Notes 05-29-07

Pork Chop and I are filling in for Max and Shannon this week as they are in Hawaii with Craig Morgan on the cruise. If you tuned in and heard something you wanted to know more about, most likely the information is here:

Maybe you heard, Charles Nelson Reilly passed away over the weekend. He was a regular on the TV show Match Game. At 6:40, we played Pork Chop Match Game, where the contestant had to fill in the blank and match Pork Chop's answer. The question was, "At Pork Chop's diner, the soup has so much hair in it, before Chop serves it, he _____________'s it." Steve was our contestant and he said "comb." Chop also said comb, so we had a match and Steve gets to go the Pima County Home And Garden Show this weekend and qualify for that $14,000 outdoor bar-b-q package.

We discussed Dale Earnhardt Jr's leaving DEI and several listeners gave Chop some great ideas about what to do with his #8 tattoo if Junior can't keep his number. You'll hear them later this week if you subscribe to the podcast. Or go right here for the audio.

Five-year-old Elizabeth reviewed Shrek The Third and recommends it.

I gave Chop a challenge - I hooked him up to jumper cables and gave him no more than 60 seconds to fill us in on the country music news or he would get jolted. He succeeded today, but there's always tomorrow. Listen here:

At 8:40 we played "Who's Older." Our contestant was Sherry and she guessed that Phil Vassar was older than the woman who played Blair on The Facts of Life, so she won tickets to our KiiM-FM screening of Surf's Up next Tuesday at Park Place. More chances to win all week, so stay tuned!

Congrats to our Song Of The Day winners, Rica and Harold.

Did you miss our 7:10 question? That's updated here! Our winner was Melissa!

Finally, the video for the piano-playing cat is here!

Tomorrow, Chop's out with tickets to Surf's Up, and we'll talk to Jason Aldean at about 8:35.

I'll leave you with the picture that Shannon sent from her cellphone of Hawaii:

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