Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Live Blog Entries from the ACMs

Here are the entries as I was live-blogging from the ACMs last night. Here's a link to my pictures.

Top item is the most recent. Enjoy!

  • was Jennifer Nettles moonwalking?
  • I teared up during Beer In Mexico... Big dork that I am!
  • sitting behind Little Big Town's parents!
  • dang it,Carrot Top has better seats than me AGAIN!!!
  • four rows behind trent tomlinson
  • 13th row center!
  • Headed to the MGM Grand Garden Area! Show begins in 90 minutes (live on the east coast at 8pm est/5pm Tucson time)
  • I learned Michelle Branch (The Wreckers) will be wearing her lucky undies tonite for the ACMs!
  • remember I promised to bet $1 on behalf of each of Friday's winners? All gone! $1 in Hee Haw, $1 in Wheel Of Fortune, $1 in Little Green Men
  • kellie pickler got stuck in the hotel door with her luggage...
  • saw jake owen & cowboy troy and pat green
  • our hotel has a TV in the bathroom mirror!
  • in Vegas!
  • at Gate 24!
  • getting packed for las vegas! Acm awards here we come!
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