Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hello New York!

The CMA Awards are in New York City this year, and I've been asked by the Country Music Association to be a part of the festivities! Many of country radio's DJs from around the US are going to be broadcasting on WNYE-91.5 FM in New York. If you came here because you heard me on WNYE, please add a comment below! If you're looking for links mentioned during the broadcast, here they are:

  • Country Music Association.
  • Country Takes NYC.
  • My radio station, KiiM-FM Tucson.

    Anonymous said...

    Dear Buzz,

    Thanks for bringing some, uh, buzz (groan ;-)) to New York by being part of the "Country Takes NYC" broadcasts on our WNYE-FM this week.

    As a country fan in the Big Apple (and not the only one...not by a longshot), I'm glad we have even these couple of weeks of country back on our air. It's been too long.

    Hopefully, more's to come soon...or so we all wish...

    Thanks again,
    Bram Weiser

    Buzz Jackson said...

    Bram! Thanks for the note to let me know you're listening!

    It's pretty cool to be part of this CMA broadcast and I hope you enjoy what you hear over the next few days!

    Buzz in Tucson