Monday, July 04, 2005


A few insane people jumping into a pool!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You've turned in Superblogger and I'm renaming you Bull Riding Buzz. Is it true that you rode? I wish I would've seen it, (if it's true) Were you as sore as I was!!! I had bruises on my thighs. Both sides evenly matched. The operator was brutal on me on my second ride. Boy, did I feel it the next day. I still went trail riding the next day. I told my daughter you rode. (She is 12) She said,"a real bull." I said, "No." She wasn't very impressed at all. She rode a real bull on Friday night and she's feeling pretty smug. All my other girls rode calves. My son rode a sheep. They did really well.

Buzz Jackson said...

Yes, it's true. But I haven't had time to upload the picture yet.