Thursday, July 07, 2005

Monsoon Watch 2005!

Maybe the monsoon??? Or maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

I called it first. I can feel it.


When you see the tortise smile
In the desert,you feel the rain.
We all take in a deep breath;
listening to it beat the pane.

It's time to wrap your arms;
embrace our favorite time of year.
Drive your new truck northwest;
it's time to pick up your dear.

She is dressed and debonair.
Don't be stupid. Don't be trite.
Talk to her sweetly, lift her chin light.
Don't break the stupid motorist law tonight.

She'll look in your eyes.
Take her out on the town.
Avoid the desert washes.
While driving her around.

In the night, park in the dark.
Gates Pass; a fine place to start.
Now it's time to light a fire.
Firm yet gentle kissing is an art.

As your windows get steamy,
how your heart will beat.
Just as she whispers, can't wait.
The police will show. What a treat.