Thursday, June 30, 2005

Shannon Black and Kenny Chesney

Here's Shannon Black posing with a cardboard cutout of Kenny Chesney. It doesn't get much stranger than that!

(note: for some reason, Blogger images are showing up as white boxes - so you may not really see the picture. They'll probably fix it soon, so keep checking back.)


Anonymous said...

I thought it was real! The picture shows up fine. Very very funny.
You guys make me want to work for KiiM FM.
Can I get a cardboard cut out of Chris Matthews????????OH!PLEASE!!

Buzz Jackson said...

Weird, tried it on two different computers here at the office, and the pics don't show up. I'll have to try it from home.

Anonymous said...

Jay Jordan, think of a new description to use.

Anonymous said...

That's hot. How bout that one?