Sunday, March 20, 2005

What the heck is THAT?

Ever wonder what all the letters stand for? FCC, MSNBC, CBC, TBA, FDIC, EBITDA.... now there's a place that will tell you what the heck that means. Check out:


lucky charm said...

I have seen the light. IHSTL
I now know why you are da'boss.
Dena's lucky to have someone mentally challenging. The acronymfinder will come in handy. Although, it may be to your disadvantage. I am now so tempted to speak in acronyms to everyone at the station. And OH, the fun we'll have. Most people can't even figure out what amortization is.

Storm Trooper said...

Weak sauce
The opposite of strong sauce.
You see?

Anonymous said...

Oh, sauce. One of my favorite things. Nothing like homemade hollindaise poured over a steaming hot al dente vegtable. I like the taste, so lemony. The secret is not to over cook it.

Anonymous said...

FIFO Superman

yee haw! said...

Hey Buzzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome to the CSRC CSD.
AM (cartoon series) & AACM ATE

lucky charm said...

New blogs please, sir.

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam said...

Let's Play! I got all night to figure it out. Come to think of it,
I got all day too.

Anonymous said...

Can we name the Kiim FM tour bus?

I checked with
If the bus is male it's Dylan Stone
female Irma Taylor. So, that's not the venue to go.

I didn't believe you about Mac G but, holy cow! You're not kidding.
Does that machine know him personally?

EllElvia said...

WWYB? (when will ya blog)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Jackson, Is there a chance that you could be related to Michael?

Anonymous said...

Didn't ya say we could hear some AW
We rednecks (contrary to popular beliefs) actually like something new once every Full Moon.
(It's Amanda Wilkinson)