Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Festivus!

On Festivus, you're supposed to air your grievances. So here are mine:
1) Whoever started that "Mark Zuckerburg is giving away $4 billion to facebook users" crappola. Can't they trace that to the first people who posted that hoax and have them deported?

2) Politics on Facebook. You're not going to change anyone's mind. 

3) The guy in the big rig who cut me off this morning on Prince Road just east of the freeway. I would have happily let you over IF YOU HAD ONLY USED YOUR TURN SIGNAL. I know it works because I saw you signal to make the left turn onto Romero.

4) People who don't leash their dogs in my neighborhood, and then expect me to be calm when their dog runs over to greet me. I don't have any idea if your dog is friendly or not, and neither do MY dogs

5) Facebook apps. People, they're stealing your personal info. Block 'em.

6) There should be an express lane for shopping at Wal-Mart. Not just for the checkout - for shopping too. I know what I'm getting and I know where it is. I don't wanna get stuck behind someone who's lollygagging and meandering around the aisles. Especially at the holidays, people. Geez.

7) Telemarketers who ignore the Do Not Call list but there's no way to report them because they're hiding behind a bogus phone number. C'mon, phone companies. We put a man on the moon almost 50 years ago, and you still can't block spam calls?
Happy Festivus, everybody!

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