Saturday, September 14, 2013

Musical Guilty Pleasure: Gloria Estefan singing in Spanish

I have no idea what she's singing about - I just love the Cuban and Caribbean rhythms. I think I own two CDs of Gloria Estefan's, where all she sings is in Spanish.

On a related note, I think I'd like to visit Cuba when it becomes free - as it inevitably will, someday.  The pictures I've seen make it look like a time machine - old American classic cars roaming the streets, cobbled together by homemade spare parts and ingenuity. Art Deco buildings. And of course, the music.

Once Cuba becomes free, I believe the rapid economic change will lead to great prosperity for its people, led by Cuban-Americans returning to their homeland to invest in the country's future. A lot will change - for the better- very quickly. But I'd kind of like to see it BEFORE everyone on the island is driving Hummers and Corollas.

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