Sunday, December 09, 2012

Fourth Avenue Street Fair

Sights and Stuff at the Fourth Avenue Street Fair


Today was the last day of the Winter Street Fair. A couple of notes:

1) We saw Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly while shopping. I didn't have the guts, but I wanted to say to Mark: "I know your wife is famous, but I've never met an astronaut before."

2) I wore a Jacksonville Jaguars shirt. At one point a guy goes: "let me see your shirt." I showed him, and he and his buddies said, "cool, just one more." It turns out they were trying to find people wearing shirts of all the NFL teams at the Street Fair, and they just needed the Jaguars and Carolina Panthers. I had seen a guy wearing a Panthers jersey earlier so I told them he was out there somewhere.

3) Here's an idea someone should steal for a food truck or something: Cupcakes On A Stick.

4) Where we parked, there were already two Prius' in a row. Ours made it three. From now on, that's known as a Prius-Palooza.

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