Sunday, July 24, 2011

How I narrowly missed having to eat a shoe:

In March, I declared that if Chris Young's "Tomorrow" didn't go to #1, I'd eat a shoe. Hear that here.

In May, I even had Kix Brooks in studio and tried to convince him to "fix" the American Country Countdown so that "Tomorrow" would be #1. Hear that here.

A listener even baked me an apple pie in the shape of a shoe, just in case: 

It took many many weeks, and there was a point where the song seemed "stuck" at #5 for a few weeks, but eventually "Tomorrow" kept moving up. 

Thankfully, this week "Tomorrow" landed at the top spot of the charts. Congrats to Chris Young on his fourth #1, and here's to many more!

Chris Young is coming to Desert Diamond Casino in October, click here for the info!

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