Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Solar Panel Update

I know I promised daily updates while they were hanging the solar panels on my roof, but I got busy and then went to Vegas.

This is what the solar panels looked like, in boxes in my garage:

They've hung all the solar panels - 36 of them - then the inspector from the Town of Marana came out and approved the installation.

This is what the solar panels look like on my roof:

After that, a guy from TEP came out and changed out our meter. They've installed a net-meter in place of the regular meter. The net-meter is like a two-way meter. It measures the amount of power we are sending to TEP, and the amount of power they are sending to us. The difference is how much we will owe each month. With any luck, this will be zero. This is what the net-meter looks like:

The guy who installed the net-meter showed Dena (my wife) how to turn it on, once the TEP people officially sign off on it.

Now, we wait. TEP will apparently give us a call at some point. Then we'll be able to go outside, flip the switch, and generate our own power!

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