Friday, October 12, 2007

Four Things You Need To Know 10-12-07

1) Josh Barber wanted to go to Applebee's for chicken nuggets. So he grabbed the keys, hopped in the car and drove backwards into a telephone poll. By the way, he's six. He moved his booster seat into the driver's seat of his grandmother's car. Cops have no idea how he reached the gas pedal.

2) Wes Pemberson of Tyler Texas wants to be in the Guinness Book Or World Records because he has long hair. On his legs. Eww. More than five inches long. By the way, the current record is 4.8 inchecs.

3) Dateline: Cambodia. A cow is in custody after causing accidents that killed at least six people this year. The cow, described as white and five feet tall, was standing in the middle of a road when a motorcyclist crashed into it and died. Earlier this year, a driver swerved to avoid this same cow and crashed his truck, killing five. Police Officer Pin Doman said he was detaining the cow at the police station.

4) You know the big car auction each January in Scottsdale? It's the Barrett Jackson auction, and this year one of the vehicles being auctioned off is Robosaurus! Yes, the 31-ton mechanical dinosaur can snort 30-foot flames and rip cars apart with it's foot-long stainless steel teeth. Isn't that awesome?!

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