Friday, January 13, 2006

New Artist Eric Church visits KiiM-FM

New artist Eric Church visits KiiM-FM to play his new music. You should be hearing his music on KiiM-FM this spring!

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Anonymous said...

Had the opportunity to watch Eric perform during one of the CRS 37 Luncheons last week. He was absolutely phenomenal! Everyone received a copy of his CD at the luncheon and it's been in my cd player ever since!

My good friend, Sue Bauman was also at the luncheon and had an opportunity to review Eric's CD for It'll be posted on within the next couple weeks.

We both noticed tha Eric does not yet have a fanclub website (shame). Both Sue and myself would like to know how can we apply to be his Fan club website managers?

Yes, we are being serious. :-)

We already have our own website where we handle fundraising for St. Jude Country Cares Program.

However, we would truly love to add this to our list of wants!

Please feel free to e-mail us at


Robin S. Jackson