Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gas Prices

Too much. I'm sure I'm opening up a can of worms here but... in lots of cases, this is the SAME GAS that was in the gas station's tank yesterday. They haven't had a delivery in a few days, how can they justify a price increase on something that they paid a fixed price on?

Maybe I'm oversimplifying it, but it sure seems that we've hit a nerve with the listening public. A few people suggested that the goverment get involved. Certainly, no matter if you feel the goverment should get involved or not, you ought to voice your opinion with your elected representatives.

I sure don't want to get political here, but I think that we can all agree that gas prices are out of control. I personally worry about the impact gas prices are having on my family's budget... it's one of the few expenses I don't seem to be able to control. And that frustrates and worries me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kazooist,

My motherly advice to ya'all is
It may seem like we don't have any control but, this is a democracy. Thank God, that the will of the masses rule. If EVERYONE gets more political about gas than anything ever in the history of America IT will happen. I love my country for this reason. Where are the links dear Buzzy? Hook us up with the names, websites, & numbers of every representative and senator. Educate the 7 million country fans who are working their tails off to pay for this gasoline.

You guys are the best. I'll never turn the station. GBYA TCMILH (remember? I loved the acronym game)

P.S. Are ya going to Big & Rich???

Anonymous said...

I do not think so.