Friday, May 27, 2005

In traffic

A truck carrying onions. I guess if you had an accident with it, you'd REALLY cry!

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Anonymous said...

UH-OH! I see my lack of blogging has affected your ability to come up with any ideas. Okay, once again; even though I am the only one blogging,(besides the time traveler whom I may have scared off into another time) Someday! someone else may actually see your blog and I'm afraid your truckload of onions would discourage them from ever logging back on.
Quick! Call a meeting and brainstorm with all the interns. They may not be making any money but they may have better ideas than you do. (Better yet, offer them money for whomever comes up with the top ten funniest blogs!)Then, blog! on a regular schedule (only if it's interesting) The blog thang is very addictive. Only if it's good and juicy.
What about asking Jeff Foxworthy and Keith Urban guest blog! Yeah, guest blog that's the direction we really need to go until you become funny again. YOU were almost there! You were on a roll for the longest time. Maybe if you lock yourself in a room and CRANK Big & Rich- and put Rollin' on the air you will become cool again.
Please buzzy, no more onions, crying, nonono that's not funny. Who wants to think about really crying? We would all rather pretend were tough stuff!