Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Are you like me?

Can you not resist popping all the bubbles in bubble wrap? Then
this page is for you!


Anonymous said...

OMIGOD Buzzy, I can't believe you stooped to the popping bubble wrap in your blog. I'm seriously worried about you.

Okay, my children cannot-not pop the bubble-wrap. I'll admit to that. As the big guy at Citadel, I'd only hope you'd have gotten past that. I'll be praying for you.

Where's the poetry. Where's the prose? I expect more. Especially, after the standing in the final four. One would think you'd have been thinking of something.... anything to catch up face.

Anonymous said...

Don't let her stop you from blogging though. As meaningless, as it may seem IT still means something to her.

Anonymous said...

Curiousilty question, Why did the morning show stop blogging like they were shut down for a lack of permit from The City of Tucson?

Do you have any say with improving their web site? It's a little trife. It keeps the listeners from logging on, if they know it'll always be the same thing they've read over the last 6 months. No one will log back on more than twice. If your goal is to encourage listener participation the content needs to be different, always. That is what makes people check back.

Buzz Jackson said...

I believe you're exactly right, Fred Rondstadt came to the office and revoked their blogging permit.