Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Michael Jackson

From CNN.com:

"Jackson...was wearing a black suit with a gold arm band."

Why can't he just wear a suit and tie like the rest of us? A gold armband? He can't afford any normal clothes?


sunshine said...

Your station is way too good to begin it's blog with it's insights of MJ's clothes. Martha Stewart is so much more interesting. Maybe MJ doesn't value those views of others who judge others solely, on the basis of how they look. He probably embraces those who love him for what is on the inside. AS LONG AS THEY'RE OF AGE. I think he is wierd. Although, I wouldn't judge him. I'll leave that up to the big guy. I trust he has his own plan for people like that.

Buzz Jackson said...

It's not the 1st comment, it just happens to be on the top because it's the most recent. Check back and you'll see it's been pushed down by more recent comments.