Saturday, March 19, 2005

Amanda Wilkinson Update

Amanda Wilkinson was really great... Her song will be on the Bunkhouse Brawl soon and you'll be able to hear it. She lives in Canada but spends a lot of her time in the US. Her first single will be on the Bunkhouse Brawl soon so you can hear it for yourself!

Since she's from Canada, we figured she didn't get to have Mexican food too often. So for dinner, we took her to "La P" on Oracle Road.

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Buzz Jackson said...

There seem to be some issues with Blogger. For one, sometimes I'll post via email and it won't show up for a week or longer. For example, I wrote the original Wilkinson post last week. She came in Monday the 14th. The post didn't show up until the 19th, as you can see. And I'm not sure why that post was cut off.

On another note, who's "Dave A?" And if you have gut cringing, do you need to see a doctor for that?