Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Giving Blood

I gave blood today. They gave me a pin because I've donated a gallon. It sounds weird to think of a one-gallon container like the milk jug in my fridge, full of blood, but there it is. OK, I didn't give it all at once (it took about a year and a half). But it's a good thing. Pork Chop gives blood all the time, so he must have a few "gallon pins." Thinking about giving blood? Visit Have a good day!

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Go to " said...

I've given blood plenty of times. Usually it was to pay rent, or water, or to buy weed. It was a hassle, with the waiting and slowly filling the bag, and all. Is there a way in this cyber age to give blood through the Internet? I'm just wasting it on web-pages nobody but the International Awards people care about, anyway. Can I redeem any of my efforts for dope, so I can generate more crap?

Please advise.